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  • transformed


    Last Thursday our men’s group looked at Romans 12:1-2. Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, maybe the greatest preacher in Great Britain during the twentieth century, preached ten consecutive sermons on these two verses. If you’re interested, you can listen to each of those sermons here. I don’t intend to do that with


    Public Service Announcement

    Church family, and anyone else who listens to our sermons online, I need to make two PSAs to you about our sermon recordings.  First, there has been a noticeable shift of how people access our sermon material.  For a long time we have maintained a CD ministry where the sermon

  • maximus

    Mercy, Freely Given

    My favorite movie of all time has to be Gladiator.  That’s one of my favorite eras in history.  I am fascinated by the Roman culture, the rise of their empire, and it’s demise.  The plot of Gladiator has everything you’d want from a story set in that time.  A war

  • people-lonely

    Never Disowned!

    Has anyone ever disowned you? I don’t mean the kind of idle threats that people make when you’re planning to do something that displeases them.  I mean have you ever actually, for real, been disowned? Excommunicated? Renounced? I know people who have. Some dear friends of mine, the Lee family,